Why Think Greener?


The COSMOS standard certifies finished cosmetic products and raw materials for cosmetic use, formulated with the use of organic ingredients and/or chemicals of natural origin. The COSMOS standard defines criteria to assure consumers that their cosmetics are organic or natural and made with the highest achievable standards of sustainability. COSMOSORGANIC requires that at least 20% of the total ingredients come from organic farming, with the exception of rinse-off products and products containing at least 80% ingredients of mineral origin, in which case the limit is 10%. The ingredients of agricultural origin in the formula that are physically processed must be at least 95% organic. COSMOSORGANIC is the highest and most consistent ICEA (Institute for Ethical Environmental Certification) level because it integrates the requirements of naturalness and green chemistry with the use of significant quantities (as declared on the label) of components from organic farming.



CM Srl has obtained the chain-of-custody certification for wood from the SGS company. The forest products chain of custody (COC) certification confirms that the wood that is traded or used comes from well-managed and sustainable forests or other controlled sources. Anyone, anywhere in the world, can quickly and reliably determine the origins of our wood products and the processes through which they have passed. PEFC is an independent, non-governmental, non-profit global organisation that promotes sustainable forest management worldwide through a certification issued by an external certification body that is totally independent of PEFC, a certification that is recognised internationally.

A forest is sustainably managed when:

•   the amount of timber cut is never greater than the amount growing in the forest
•   after felling, the trees will be replanted or will be helped to renew themselves naturally
•   habitats for wild plants and animals are safeguarded, as well as all the protective functions that the forest normally performs with regard to climate, soil and water.

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