Bluemolly x SEAD

In conjunction with World Environment Day on June 5, Bluemolly kicked off its BluemollyGreen by collaborating with SEAD and donating all 10% of all June sales towards soil research for bamboo growth in Kinta Nature Park, Perak.

Bluemolly x The Aurora Dance School

Bluemolly celebrated World Dance Day on 29th April with #thebluemollydancechallenge which ran for a month, in collaboration with The Aurora Dance School and award-winning dancer Suhaili Micheline.

Bluemolly x Accelerate Bootcamp

The Bluemolly x Accelerate Bootcamp for your woman will take place in June 2023. This 2-day upskilling programme will equip between 25-50 underprivileged girls with the tangible needed to take them to the next chapter in their academic/work journeys. 10% of all Bluemolly box set sales from March – May 2023 will go towards the funding of this inaugural event. 

Three Little Ahmads

In a delightful cross-pollination of local brands, Bluemolly collaborated with one of their favorite clothing brands, Three Little Ahmads, in preparation for the Hari Raya festive season in April 2023.

Bluemolly x Fi Life

On International Women’s Day, every woman signed up for life insurance with Fi Life, one of the largest online platforms offering life insurance in the country, was gifted a Bluemolly lip crayon.

Bluemolly x Frankitas Ramadhan Gift Boxes

Throughout the Muslim fasting month of Ramadan 2023, 15% of all sales of specially created Bluemolly x Frankitas gift boxes were collected for the benefit of the children of Yayasan Chow Kit.

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