Hello and thank you for your interest in Bluemolly!

As we greeted a post pandemic reality, we felt the need for an effective pick me up. Something that might kickstart just feeling better whether in a zoom chat, doing the school run, picking up groceries, attending a board meeting or finally going on a real date! 

The lockdown saw the three of us taking long walks through urban nature, holding meetings in a children’s play hut in our neighbourhood park. What resulted is this – Bluemolly – our newly launched causemetics line. A distillation to the essentials that gives everyone, regardless of age or gender, the simple beauty boost they need. 

We have created a causemetics line using only the highest quality natural ingredients that are gentle to our earth and to users of all ages. Starting with our five velvet lip crayons, we are thrilled to unmask a luxurious line that will nourish both skin and soul. 

At Bluemolly, we believe that a simplified beauty routine is empowering. Our curation frees you to get up and get on with living your best life. What are you waiting for Bluemollitas?


Yati, Shireen & Sherry

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